Reggie Burrows Hodges is a California-born, Maine-based painter whose works explore storytelling and visual metaphor. His large-scale paintings—rendered in acrylic and pastel on raw canvas—explore universal subjects such as identity, community, truth, and memory, and often draw inspiration from his childhood in Compton. Starting from a black ground, he develops the scene around his figures with painterly, foggy brushwork, playing with how perception is affected when the descriptive focus is placed not on human agents but on their surroundings. Figures materialize in recessive space, stripped of physical identifiers. Bodies are described by their painted context, highlighting Hodges’ embrace of tenuous ambiguities and his close observation of the relationship between humans and their surroundings. Their quiet haziness, developed with the soft touch of Hodges’ hand, probes the imprecision of memory and examines the possibility that we are all products of our environment. Hodges studied theatre and film at the University of Kansas. His work is held in public collections including The Pub at Baxter, Lewiston, Maine and the Presidential Lounge, Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine.

In 2021, Hodges will have a solo exhibition at Karma, New York and at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Maine, supported in part by the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation, in 2022.

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