Shiloh's Collection by Tollef Runquist

Tollef Runquist will be exhibiting his new painting series, “Shiloh’s Collection” at OK Harris Gallery in New York this March 2013.

OK Harris Gallery was established by Ivan C. Karp in 1969. Early in his career, Karp was a pioneer of the pop art scene, instrumental in launching the careers of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, and Claes Oldenburg. OK Harris Gallery was the first gallery on West Broadway in SoHo, and was at the forefront of contemporary art and photo realism. OK Harris remains dedicated to exhibiting the most significant artwork of today.

Tollef Runquist’s work was selected for its innovative concept and mature style.

Tollef Runquist on his series of toy still life paintings, “Shiloh’s Collection”:

“My most recent body of work revolves around my son’s toys, his periods of play, and the narrative continuation or dissonance from one day to the next. The bright colors, varied materials, and constantly shifting landscape of his various toys and constructions served as the initial inspiration for the series of work. Subsequently, I have been intrigued by his self-narration as he plays and the micro worlds he creates out of his toys (literally; physically) and the river of stories and imaginings that he disseminates as he plays from day to day.”

OK Harris Gallery is located at 383 West Broadway, New York, N.Y., 1001

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