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Cig Harvey calls this book a love story that reveals the mysticism in the mundane. Her photographs and words explore the passage of time and show that home is wherever you look for it. The text is simple - and beautifully letter-pressed in a warm grey allowing the photographs to take center stage. We become invested in the unfolding story of a home, a marriage and motherhood.

The International Wall Street Journal said of the series, “Though the subjects and setting are familiar to us, we cannot help but feel that Cig Harvey has led us through the looking glass to a world of wonder. In the way that twilight is not quite day and not quite night, the photographs of Gardening at Night are stories capturing the unexpected yet oddly harmonious moments that surround us daily.”

The images are as much the unconventional, compelling narrative as the text. Not simply a collection of images interspaced with words, this is a complete book with the images taking up the telling of the story when the text leaves off. Ms. Harvey is correct: this is a love story but one that could only be told by an artist of her intensity and capability. The third in what one can only hope to be an ongoing autobiographical series, this is an astonishing book - at once an intimate view of an artist's life and the universal beauty of the natural world, color and shape, and love.

Limited Edition of 14 books, each hand-made, hand-numbered and signed by the author/artist Cig Harvey in Rockport, Maine 2016.


Format: A hand-bound, accordion-style book that can be displayed in one long line or as a traditional book form. 
Box: The book is housed in a custom-made cloth clamshell box by artist Richard Smith, Camden, Maine.
Cover: Wrap-around cover featuring hand-cut paper title by artist Hannah Berta and original silk screen print by Claire Donnelley of Fox Island Press, North Haven, Maine.
Paper: The book is available in one of two beautiful heavy-weight paper options: Stonehenge Pearl Grey or Rives BFK white.
Pages: 24 including colophon and title page, 13 x 11-3/8”.
Illustrations: 16 original 10” x 10” C-prints, printed on Kodak Endura Luster paper to archival standards and mounted using acid free archival adhesive. Book features some images that are sold out in all editions
Text: 6 vignettes written by Cig Harvey and designed by artist Deb Wood. Printed letterpress with archival inks by Fox Island Press, North Haven, Maine.

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