Press Release

Joanna Logue paints richly textured, color-saturated paintings of the Maine landscape. She moved to the state from her native Australia in 2017, settling in a small village on Mt. Desert. In this relatively short time, Logue has come to know the island landscape intimately through her extensive hikes into the hidden corners of its woods, marshes, and mountains. Like John Marin and John Walker, two artists she admires, her paintings balance on the knife edge between abstraction and representation. Nature is presented close-up, encompassing and challenging, reflecting the changing light and colors of the seasons. She says, "My paintings need to be tough and innovative but soft and seductive at the same time." Using various painting tools to animate each area of the composition, she extends the image beyond its edges—a reminder that we are seeing just a piece of the much larger whole. 

Logue was born in the Hunter Valley in North South West Australia and graduated from the City Art Institute in Sydney with a BA in Visual Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Painting. She has had twenty-two solo exhibitions and has exhibited extensively throughout Australia and internationally. Logue received the Country Energy Prize for Landscape Painting in 2006 and the Central West Regional Artist Award in 2009. In 2014, she was awarded a residency in Bruny Island, Tasmania. Her work is in significant corporate, private, and public collections. Logue works on Mount Desert Island in Maine and from her Essington Park, Australia studio. 

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