Press Release

'I Promise I'll Never Forget' is a love letter to youth, a memento written at the precipice of adulthood. This dramatisation of adolescence serves to examine identity and personal relationships through the construction of imaginative narratives. ‘I Promise I’ll Never Forget’  holds a mirror to my own coming of age, as a foreigner and new mother, experiences that have been punctuated by a youthful ambition for friendship and concurrent feelings of isolation. These images have been made in mid-coast Maine, where recurring locations, costumes and local cast binds the series together while shattering any illusions that these scenarios are real. This very personal manifestation reflects on how our uncertain and self-conscious times are not met alone, but amongst our communities. Cinematic and at times unsettling, the images tap into a history of storytelling, acting as a fictional counterweight to my experience as I acknowledge the poignancy and brevity of youth. How daring it is to make such extravagant promises, knowing that memories are as fleeting as life itself.


All wardrobe and prop styling by Emily Seymour.


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