Press Release

Marilynn Gelfman Karp

Sampling the Riff

​July 2, 2021 - July 31, 2021

"Things made by human hands (manu-factured) meet naturally occurring components in my studio.  I unify them in unexpected ways, often surprising myself at the resulting sculptures.  The whole is not the sum of its parts. Ordinary bits become exotic, a new context changes the mundane into the arcane.

To confound things, sometimes a thing that appears to have been plucked from nature can be person-made (I have made bird nests that would fool a bird) and there are naturally occurring phenomena that appear to have been manufactured (consider the sand dollar or a pearl).

As differences between the natural and the manmade become less clear in my works…new frames of reference are invoked.  Carefully examined unions and dimensions within may be glimpsed, rife with twinkling potential and unfamiliar gardens bloom."

- Marilynn Gelfman Karp       

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